HKI-SLAM is a Hong Kong-registered charity set up and funded by Mr. Po CHUNG and friends to help Hong Kong educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, and individuals strengthen learning and practice in the areas of Service Leadership. It is inspired by his dream that every individual possess the potential to be a service leader with valued task competencies, attractive character strengths, and a caring disposition towards self and others.

Founding Members

Mr. Po Chung Mr. Chung is the Co-Founder of DHL International and Chairman Emeritus of DHL Express (Hong Kong) Ltd. He is creator and founder of HKI-SLAM.
Mr. Patrick Ho Mr. Ho is the Vice President of Manufacturing & Engineering, Government & Public Affairs, Asia Pacific, The Dow Chemical Company.
Prof Richard Ho Professor Ho is Chair Professor of Finance, City University of Hong Kong.
Prof Edmond Ko The Late Prof Ko was the Director of the Center for Engineering Education Innovation & Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (passed away on April 20, 2012)
Mr. Tom Osgood
Mr. Osgood is an Education Consultant. He helped design and shepherd implementation of the Fulbright-Hong Kong General Education Project, in connection with 3-3-4 Reform.
Prof Daniel Shek Professor Shek is Chair Professor, Acting Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Acting Director of Office of General University Requirements at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Mr. K M Wong Mr. Wong is a director of two charity foundations, Victor and William Fung Foundation Ltd and Li & Fung (1906) Foundation Ltd.
Mr. Wilfred Wong  
Ms. Shela Chan Ms. Chan is the Administrator of the Good Life Initiative Limited. She is the Personal Assistant of Mr. Po Chung.


Mr. Chung is the Co-Founder of DHL International and Chairman Emeritus of DHL Express (Hong Kong) Ltd. In 1972 he co-founded DHL International Ltd., the Hong Kong base company that, together with DHL Airways Inc. of California, operates the DHL Worldwide Network. DHL is the world¹s leading air express company handling more than 100 million documents, parcels, and pieces of freight a year across five continents.