SLAM’s Service Leadership & Management Curriculum Framework is based upon seven core beliefs about leadership, service, and service leadership. Po Chung intuited and refined the core beliefs since leaving the helm of DHL. Each core belief corresponds to a significant paradigm shift in a frame of reference that stakeholders must embrace and internalize before Hong Kong will achieve its rightful status as the Global Fount of Service Leadership.

The Framework contains essential content, skill, value and attitude stands and intended learning outcomes for each core belief.

Core Belief 2 –

“Everyday, every human occupies a position of leadership and possesses the potential to improve his or her leadership quality and effectiveness.” - Po Chung 2011

Everyday everyone participates in numerous service transactions. From simple self-serving personal improvement opportunities to complex service propositions, every satisfying service transaction requires the participants to exchange the leadership role in defining and communicating his or her service expectations. This shifting of leadership role enables each participant to design and evaluate ways to satisfy the other’s needs.  It requires each participant to pay close attention to each other’s messages, which include body movements, facial expressions, voice qualities, and verbal language.

According to Po Chung:

Everyone should be in the business of providing high quality caring personal service to all of the people he or she comes into contact with, including his or herself. And, everyone should always strive to be ready, willing, and able to serve as a leader in this regard.