SLAM’s Service Leadership & Management Curriculum Framework is based upon seven core beliefs about leadership, service, and service leadership. Po Chung intuited and refined the core beliefs since leaving the helm of DHL. Each core belief corresponds to a significant paradigm shift in a frame of reference that stakeholders must embrace and internalize before Hong Kong will achieve its rightful status as the Global Fount of Service Leadership.

The Framework contains essential content, skill, value and attitude stands and intended learning outcomes for each core belief.

Core Belief 7 –

“Now and in the future, high-paying, high status positions and management promotions will go to people who have domain specific knowledge and skills plus service leadership competencies, appropriate character strengths and a caring social disposition.” - Po Chung 2011

According to Po Chung: 

As globalization continues to promote and reward the creation and development of personal service industries and service value-networks[14], high-paying, high status administrative positions and management promotions in service companies will go to university graduates who possess domain specific knowledge and skills[15] plus service leadership competencies, character, and care.



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