Captured here are Po Chung's unique, tested, and often revolutionary ideas on service leadership principles and strategies focused on Asia but in fact transcending locale and industry sectors.  

He simultaneously offers Western business readers a clear window into Asian business thinking while offering Asian business people his insights on doing business globally. He was among the first to recognize the tectonic shift in many regions of global business from a manufacturing, product-based model to a service, processed-based economy.

As Po points out, the GDP of many global business hubs now stems primarily from service revenue, not manufacturing income. The heart of Po's message, therefore, has to do with a true game-changer: understanding the service economy in all its forms, then redesigning both business and business education to make the most of that new economy.

Around that core concept Po builds a support structure of associated guidelines and principles, including his original perspectives on business habitats, Personal Operating Systems, organizational DNA, dangerous "viruses" to business processes, and a host of other linked concerns. Together, these topics rise to the stature of a new vision for building service businesses, nurturing human captial, and relating with conscience to one's clientele and society.